build sheet

Racer Build and Restoration Details

Body: The rear pieces are from '48 Chevy fender extensions, the headrest is from a '39 Buick headlight housing, the front sides are from a '48 Olds fender extensions (they are longer than the Chevy), the center front is from a '48 Buick hood center section along with the hood ornament, and the grill is from a '40 Cadillac LaSalle. Bondo wasn't invented in the early 50's, so Dad used lead to fill the seams between these pieces. Body Panels
Engine: The original engine was a 3hp Clinton. In the 1940's and '50's many wasing machines had gasoline engines, and the Racer engine came from a Maytag washing machine. It was surely more powerful than the 3hp it was rated. No kick starter – you had to use a rope around the pulley, but with the fully enclosed body we had to push start the Racer which made it seem even more like a real race car to us. The original engine was lost and a 4hp Tecumseh was used for the resoration.
Steering: Dad used a steering gear box from a small garden tractor. Most go-carts were built without  any gear reduction steering.
Suspension: The front axle pivots on a center bolt and Chevy 6 cylinder valve springs provide the action.
Clutch/Brake: Dad made the clutch and brake from pulleys, rods, idlers, and belts. He used an emergency brake handle from a ’48 Chevy and connected 2 rods that would push/pull idlers and tighten alternately on the drive and brake pulleys. The drive pulley came from a Maytag washing machine.