build sheet
  • The Pylant Borthers Racer
  • The Pylant Brothers in 1952Left-Right: Ronny Age 3, Kenny Age 7, Donny Age 3
  • The Racer
  • An unknown boy takes a turn on the Racer
  • The neighborhood competition -- the Reno Brothers
  • The Racer, body removed
  • Fresh from the shed
  • The brothers work to restore the Racer
  • Before and after restoration
  • The Pylant Brothers with the restored Racer
  • The Racer and the brother's other classic rides
  • The Racer displayed at the Houston Autorama
  • The Racer transported by Kenny's 1982 El Camino
  • The Racer with Donny's '48 Olds
  • Heidi VanHorn did an article on the Racer in the Houston Chronicle Heidi's Pick Column in 2009
  • Kenneth's great grandaughter Mariahafter her first (and hopefully ONLY) wreck in the Racer
  • Donny's new 1951 Chevy truck
  • Donny's new 1951 Chevy truck
  • Making the deal on the '51 Chevy
  • Delivery of the '51 Chevy truck in 2016
  • '51 Chevy Truck at home with SSR 001
  • Transitioning the Racer from the El Camino to the Chevy truck
  • The Racer display on the new '51 Chevy transport
  • Peterson Automotive MuseumLos Angeles, California
  • Peterson Automotive MuseumLos Angeles, California
  • Peterson exhibit that is showcasing the Racer
  • The Sidewalk Speedsters exhibit
  • The Racer description plaque
  • The Racer at the Peterson Museum